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How Videography Can Enhance Your Wedding Day Memories

Photo via Adobe Stock

On your wedding day, you want to ensure every moment of joy and emotion is captured so you can look back and remember how special the day was for years to come. While photos are usually the go-to when it comes to capturing these memories, adding videography to your wedding plan can be a great way to create an even more immersive experience. In this blog post hosted by Candy Glass Productions, we'll talk a bit about how videography can enhance your wedding day memories.

Having Both Photos and Videos Means You'll Catch Every Moment

When it comes to ensuring that all of your wedding moments are captured, having both photos and videos can guarantee nothing is missed. While photographers capture stills of the ceremony and reception, videographers are able to record action shots that will last long after the special day has ended. With both photography and videography, you’ll have a full range of options for sharing your wedding memories with family and friends.

Videos Can Be Cinematic, Creating a Lasting Keepsake You Can Share With Loved Ones

The right videographer will utilize cinematic techniques, such as slow motion shots or drone footage, which creates an incredibly unique keepsake that will last far beyond just one day. These techniques allow you to relive those magical moments in their entirety — from the smiles on guests' faces during speeches, to the first dance shared between newlyweds — it's all there! It also gives you something that you can share with loved ones who may not have been able to attend the big day in person.

Videos Provide A More Immersive Experience Than Photos Alone

Photos alone can only do so much when it comes to conveying emotion; they don't quite capture all those special moments like laughter or tears during speeches or vows spoken out loud at the altar. But videos layered with sound bring back all those feelings in an instant! Also, hearing background music from your reception or ceremony creates an even more immersive experience than just looking at photos alone ever could.

You Can Share Your Videos Easily Using Adobe Express Tools

Once you have created this beautiful video keepsake from your wedding day, Adobe Express makes it easy to share these memories with friends and family around the world whether via text message, email or social media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo! With Adobe Express tools, you’ll be able to edit clips quickly using shortcuts and export them in different formats for easy sharing on different devices - including iPads and iPhones - so everyone can watch your amazing video whenever they want. Here are just a few of the tools you can use on this free platform:

●      Change the format of your video to an MP4. This will allow you to share your content to any platform seamlessly, and the process is easy. With just a few clicks, you can include your social media followers in your celebration.

●      Want to make a fun GIF to share online? Turn a section of your video into a sweet, funny, or memorable moment with Adobe’s easy-to-use tool. The process takes just minutes!

●      Some social media platforms have different sizing ratios than others. If you need to resize your video, use this simple tool and customize it according to your needs.

●      Want to change the speed of your video? You can slow it down to give it a cinematic feel before sharing it online. As always, talk to your videographer and get permission before making changes.

When planning your big day, there are lots of things that need consideration, including hiring a photographer or videographer. While photos certainly have their benefits for a major celebration like a wedding, videos can create a more well-rounded experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in those memories more fully with light and music. When it comes to this incredibly important day, you'll want to capture as many moments as possible, and video can help.

Ready to book videography services for your big day? Get in touch with Candy Glass Productions today.


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