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Examples of the types of films included in our packages.


Highlight Reel 

A 3-5 minute cinematic film that tells the story of your entire day. Each shot is meticulously chosen and set to music. We'll share this film with you online (in addition to your film package) so you can easily download and share with friends & family. We use royalty free music for films intended for online sharing & social media, to avoid copyright issues. For being under 5 minutes, it packs quite the content punch, so long & short attention spans can enjoy.

Extended Highlight Reel

A 7-9 minute extended version of our regular Highlight Reel. The extended version in included in our Story Book and Engagement/Elopement Packages, or available an add-on option. 

Couples Film

A 1-2 minute cinematic film, of the two of you. This is filmed during couple's portraits (often at sunset/golden hour, or when your photographer steals you away for photos). If you don't have portraits planned with your photographer, let us know, so our team can steal you away ourselves for a little bit. 

Ceremony Film

A 10-30 minute cinematic film of your entire ceremony, shot in documentary style. The duration of this film is roughly the same length as your live ceremony. You'll see your ceremony site & decor in its most beautiful state (before people). Then once guests do arrive for seating, we'll show them gathering before the ceremony kicks off. 

First Look Film

A 1-2 minute cinematic film, set to music, that is a living version of your First Look (between the couple and/or their parents & friends).

Extended Ceremony Film

A 30-60 minute extended version for ceremonies exceeding 30 mins long. The extended version is available as an add-on item. Often certain religious ceremonies will need a longer length film. If you're unsure, feel free to ask us.

Reception Film

A 20-45 minute cinematic film of your reception. It's a mix of real time documentary style shooting and highlight editing. All major events (like Grand Entrance, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Traditional Dances, Bouquet/Garter Toss, Etc) will be shown in real time (like the Ceremony Film). Decor, details and longer events with lots of mingling (like Cocktail Hour & Dinner) will be shown in more of a best-of, highlight style. For Dancing at the end of the night, this part is sort of our "music video" ode to you (we love this part).

Video Guestbook

A 10-15 minute collection of guests interviews filmed during Cocktail Hour. You'll provide the majority of questions to ask (we can show you examples). The videographer will set up an interview station in a central spot, so while guests enjoy drinks & apps, they can easily stop by to film a quick message. You'll get to see your guests' well wishes in real time, candid and directly to the camera, an experience unlike a physical guestbook. We offer this film as an add-on item.

Prep Film

A 3-5 minute film that captures the excitement and moments leading up to the ceremony. We'll send cinematographers to film both of you (separately) getting ready for the day. This is where you can reveal your gifts, special messages, and see what each other doing prior. This film will include any First Looks as well (unless you have a separate First Look Film).

Pre-Wedding Interview Film

A 10-20 minute cinematic film shot prior to your wedding day. We work with you on what you're envisioning. We can either tell your story of how you met, how you got engaged, reenactments - or - interview each of you about the upcoming day. This film can be shown at your reception or shared online prior to get your guests excited about your upcoming day.

Instagram Reel

A 1.5 minute film showing the best moments from your Highlight Reel (quickie version). Vertically formatted for sharing on Instagram and/or TikTok reels. We'll share this film with you online (along with your full film package) so you can easily download and upload to either app.

2nd Ceremony Film

A 10-30 minute documentary of a 2nd ceremony that takes place during the wedding day. 2nd ceremonies are traditional ceremonies other than a western style ceremony. These ceremonies typically are tea ceremonies, Mehndi, Baci etc.

Same-Day Edit

A film created in real time, actually at your wedding, by one our talented editors. We'll create a film that shows all the moments & details from the very beginning of the day – getting ready, First Looks, gift exchanging, decor, Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, guests mingling, etc – everything leading up to the big reveal of this film at your reception.

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