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Working with Photographers

We believe in working as a team with your photographers. We hope that your photographers feel the same way about us. It gets a little tricky working around each other during the ceremony, but the key is communication.

When we’re shooting a continuous ceremony, we need our cameras to be on tripods fro stabilization. Our cameras cannot be moved once the ceremony begins, otherwise the video becomes shaky and unprofessional. Since your photographer does not have to deal with bulky tripods and continuous video, they can typically shoot around us. It is much easier for the photographer to find a suitable position, clear of any other camera's view, than it is for the videographer.

Below is an example of a photographer who was not willing to communicate or work with us. She kept stepping in front of our cameras. Our clients' video will have moments of the photographer's head because they disregarded our presence.

Photographers who have worked with videographers before know this and are very considerate of our limitations. If you have a photographer who has never worked with a videographer before, let them know that your video is important to you as well. This makes your photographer willing to communicate with us. We can both get our perfect shots and achieve the same goal of capturing your memories beautifully!

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