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How to impress your wedding guests, your photographer, and your videographer!

Molly & Nigel were married on August 2nd 2014 at The Sentinel Hotel, formally known as The Governor Hotel, in downtown Portland. There were a few ways in which they impressed their wedding guests, their photographer, and their videographer (aside from the food, which was delicious!).

The Lighting

Apart from the way lighting affects your guests and the overall mood, it is so important for photographers and videographers. We have to thank Molly & Nigel for making their venue look so pretty with pink and red uplights.

Wedding Lighting

The Decor

Molly & Nigel did a fantastic job decorating for their reception. They are both writers and cleverly incorporated a ‘writing’ theme into their decor. They had elaborate centerpieces, M & N custom initial candy, a typewriter made out of cake, tables full of vintage journalistic items, and even had a published newspaper at their head table with side-by-side articles they had written. There were so many amazing decorations that we barely had time to capture it all!

Wedding Decorations

The First Dance

Molly & Nigel had a choreographed first dance by Leilani from Portland Wedding Dance. That’s definitely the most impressive first dance we’ve ever seen! Luckily they had a wedding videographer to capture it all. We also took Molly & Nigel out to film their dance in different spots around downtown Portland, giving them memories that will last a lifetime.

choreographed wedding dance

Check out Molly & Nigel’s wedding film below and see for yourself!

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