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Kitsap Memorial Park Wedding

We celebrated Kathleen and Adam's wedding at Kitsap Memoria Park. It definitely was a beatuiful park. Tall evergreens surrounded the entire wedding site. You could also see the water through the trees, which made for a scenic backdrop. We took Kathleen and Adam down to the water at Magic Hour for their "Romantic Shoot", which made for stunning footage!

Other than the gorgeous landscape, this couple had a great sense of humor! All of the photographers and other videographers would have loved to have shot this wedding. Just after the bride got to the altar and before the ceremony began, the officiant instructed all of the guests to take out their cameras/phones and take a picture. He then instructed all of the guests to put their cameras/phones away for the rest of the ceremony, exclaimng that the couple had ensured the ceremony will be fully documented/recorded by professionals. We can assure you it was! The couple then took out their camera and took a selfie at the altar. That was the cutest and funniest moment during a ceremony we've captured so far.

Wedding Selfie.png

Congratulations Kathleen and Adam! Wishing you a lifetime of happieness together!

Check out their "Highlight Reel" below:

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