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While filming Tiffany & Jim's wedding at Skamania Lodge on July 11th 2014, we used the Sony FS700 for the first time.


There are definitely both upsides and downsides when using this camera.

What we liked:

1. It can shoot really slow-mo! We love filming weddings in slow-mo. It really heightens the mood and slows down the hustle & bustle. Slow-mo also makes for more cinematic shots and intensifies the drama. It. Looks. Epic! This camera can shoot slow-mo 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps, 120 fps, & 240 fps. There are some limitations to the higher frame rates but let's not get into that. Overall, 120 fps was as slow as you need to go.

2. The picture quality is very cinematic. There's something about this camera that makes every shot look so beautiful.

3. The audio quality. Unlike DSLR's, the Sony FS700 actually captures decent audio.

4. It feels like a real video camera. Almost all weddings companies film with DSLR's, (that's not a bad thing and we still use DSLR's) but sometimes you miss the feel of an actual camera. There are more buttons on the camera body instead of going through the menu which is pretty nice. Like a DSLR, the lenses are still interchangeable so you can still get that film look.

What we didn't like:

1. It's big and heavy. Shooting a wedding with a big and heavy camera definitely makes it challenging when you do a run and gun type shoot. After using this camera with a stabilizer, your arm will definitely be sore. For the most part it's pretty manageable, just a little inconvenient.

2. It's not the best in low-light conditions. The Canon 5D Mark II is actually better in low-light than the Sony FS700. When shooting at 120 fps or 240 fps you need more light. So no slow-mo when it's too dark :(.

Overall, the Sony FS700 has some downsides but they do not outweigh the upsides. We will definitely be using this camera in the future for weddings.

Below is Tiffany & Jim's Highlight Reel, take a look and see for yourself:

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