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What is the most important component of a good photo/video? The answer is LIGHT.

Having the right lighting at a wedding reception not only sets the right mood, it provides a better atmosphere for a photographer or videographer to perfectly capture your day. When we walk into a venue and see beautiful (and adequate) lighting, we’re excited! We know our photos and video will be great, both technically and esthetically.

Almost all videographers will bring an on-camera light source. However, we only use it if we have to. There’s nothing worse than filming guests on the dance floor or delivering a speech while squinting as you point the camera at them. On-camera light sources tend to be invasive, which can make guests uncomfortable. Our job is to capture the relaxed, natural moments of the day, and great lighting helps us do that.

Reception Lighting.png

So what can you do? You need good lighting, or a fantastic lighting vendor! Otherwise, it may be too dark to capture a proper image. Most videographers use DSLRs, which are better in low lighting conditions, but can only do so much.

If having a photographer/videographer is in the budget, proper lighting should be a part of that budget as well. The right lighting vendor knows how to accentuate the details of a wedding reception, so we can capture it properly.

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