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On August 15th 2013, Yuka and Koji flew all the way from Japan to get married in Portland, Oregon. This was a guest-less wedding. That’s right, NO guests. No family, no friends. For Yuka and Koji, videography played a crucial part in their wedding. Although they decided to get married without the company of guests, that doesn’t mean they can’t share the day with their loved ones. This highlights why a wedding film can be such an important investment – to be able to share the day with those who cannot attend.

Yuka and Koji had an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding at the perfectly suited Leach Botanical Garden. This was a very non-traditional wedding that, for us, made a very interesting wedding film. After the ceremony, we went to the garden where Yuka and Koji had a private tea party for two. The props and decor were so immaculately done that it was like being on the actual movie set of Alice in Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland Decorations.png

Thank you Yuka and Koji for letting us be part of your wedding plans!

Check out their Highlight Reel below:

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