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On July 5th 2013 Danah and Matt tied the knot at The World Trade Center in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Not only was this the very first wedding we filmed in Portland, Oregon, but it was also the first time one of our couples jumped into a pedicab on their wedding day. Nothing says Portland wedding like a bride and groom in a pedicab!

Right after the Bride and Groom were pronounced husband and wife at the World Trade Center, we took them across the street to film their “Romantic Shoot”. We filmed them walking and dancing by the Willamette River and water fountain. Then the nicest pedicab driver congratulated the beautiful couple and offered to drive them around. This was completely spontaneous yet a fantastic addition to Danah and Matt’s wedding film. Sometimes the best things happen when they aren’t planned.

Check out Danah and Matt’s Romantic Shoot below.

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